Info for parents

Safety and Security

The safety and security of the children in our care is of paramount importance to us. Access to the nursery is gained via the secure front gate which is operated on a key fob system. Each parent will be allocated a personalised key fob which will enable you to access both the front gate and the front door of the nursery. Once inside the nursery, access to the individual rooms is determined by the ringing of the room bell, which will be answered by a member of staff. Our premises have been designed to ensure the children are safe at all times. We ask you to support us by securing all gates and doors behind you and do not let any other people into the nursery behind you.

Children will only be allowed to leave with an authorised parent or carer. If you have made alternative arrangements for someone else to collect your child, you must inform the nursery and a prearranged password and description of the person collecting will be agreed. Any authorised person collecting children from nursery must know the password.